The New Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at The Drum aims to create an open and inclusive space for debate, discussion and political engagement within and between the various communities of Birmingham. It embraces the ethos of Stuart Hall’s directorship of the original Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham and seeks to analyse the problems facing Birmingham’s communities through forging a working relationship with those very citizens. The Drum, with its strong commitment to intercultural arts and learning, provides an ideal base for the New Centre. Through this collaboration between informed and engaged citizens we would hope to rediscover and renew the ethos of Stuart Hall and forge a new forum for academic and political collaboration that makes a positive difference to our city.

The New Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies will be organised, in the first instance, in terms of academic and research engagements with the citizens of Birmingham. It will have an Advisory Board made up of members of the academy and the wider community. Under the Directorship of Kehinde Andrews (Birmingham City University), John Narayan (University of Warwick) and Hannah Jones (University of Warwick), the New Centre will hold monthly symposia that centre on issues facing Birmingham’s various communities. The Centre will also offer research engagement opportunities and training workshops.

To get actively involved in the New Centre, please email: newcentreatthedrum@gmail.com

Steering Group
Kehinde Andrews – Academic Director
John Narayan – Academic Director
Hannah Jones – Research Director
Ian Sergeant
Muktar Dar
Gurminder K Bhambra
John Holmwood
Johnannes Angemuller
Khursheed Wadia
Justin Cruickshank
David Ridley

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