Do They Know Its Christmas in Birmingham? The Politics of Austerity

Date: Tuesday December 16th 2014

Time: 7-9pm

Place: New Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies @ The Drum, 144 Potters Lane, Birmingham, B6 4UU

Since May 2010 the UK has found itself under the auspices of austerity, undergoing cuts to the state and its services. Birmingham, which is the UK’s biggest local authority, has been at the centre of this process with the city council announcing cuts that mark the ‘end of local government as we know it’. With further austerity outlined in George Osborne’s latest Autumn Statement and in light of the upcoming festive season of peace and goodwill, The New Centre hosts a discussion on the future of Birmingham. Is Birmingham’s austere future one without hope? What does austerity mean for city’s BME population? Is a Labour controlled city council a help or hinderance to fighting austerity? Can we create an alternative politics to austerity?

Panel Line- Up:

Councillor James McKay – Cabinet Member for Social Cohesion, Equalities and Community Safety

Bob Whitehead – Communities Against The Cuts (CATC)

TBC – Black Activists Rising Against The Cuts (BARAC)

Hattie Craig – National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC)

Chairs: John Narayan and Kehinde Andrews

Admission is free and you don’t have to pre-book.

Come and join the discussion.

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