Research Workshops

These workshops are designed to be an active engagement where people can explore the process of social research, share experiences of conducting research, or identify areas where their research skills may be of use to Birmingham communities. The sessions are facilitated by experienced social researchers who have worked both within and outside academia, encouraging participants to share their ideas and learn from one another, whatever their previous level of experience. We hope that these workshops will enable researchers – whether within or outside formal academic or research settings – to develop research that can actively address social justice questions within Birmingham. This may be through gathering evidence to lobby local institutions; examining the ways in which inequalities operate locally; developing and testing interventions to address discrimination; or simply learning more about the people who live in our city. In the longer term, there is the possibility of connecting the research energies of students conducting dissertations with organisations or community groups who could use that resource to develop local knowledge that is important to them.

Free and open to the public – everyone is welcome.

You do not have to book, but it would help with our planning if you could complete the expression of interest form to let us know if you are thinking of coming along or would just like more information on the workshops.

Past Research Workshops

What are the possibilities?   Tuesday 27th January 2015 7-9pm

How can universities and local communities work together? This workshop will share examples of successful projects where university researchers have worked together with community partners on local issues, and put together some ideas for how this might work in Birmingham

How can we build trust?    Tuesday 24th February 2015 7-9pm

Successful social research projects require trust between research participants and researchers. When groups and institutions work together this can be even more of a challenge. We’ll discuss strategies we can learn from to build trust when conducting social research.

How can we ask the right questions?   Tuesday 31st March 2015 7-9pm

Doing social research is all about asking questions. But how do we know if we are asking the ‘right’ questions? We will discuss how research questions frame the way we look at the world, and how doing collaborative research can help us ask questions in new ways.


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